Monday, 20 February 2012

Helping Elsewhere: Books to Mandrem in Goa

Give a Book is sometimes asked to give books to charities or projects other than our regular recipients. We recently sent out books to a school in Goa. Claudia and Andy took them out and now Claudia has written to us:
"We delivered the books to Mandrem school last Friday, so that the headmistress Jacinta could be there and Helen who runs the helping elsewhere charity.
...We took the suitcases to the library and unpacked them with the headmistress, a class and the science teacher.
The look of amazement on their faces was wonderful.
...About 20% of the books  have been given to [another] school, about 4 hours drive into the interior, up in the hills behind behind the coastal strip, where any sort of movement into the 20 th let alone 21st century is very slow... Apparently this little school has even less than the Mandrem school and the books were really [to] help the teachers help the children and provide some sort of starting point to teach from.
.... it was a real delight seeing their excitement when they received the books."


  1. Hi everybody - Helen from Helping Elsewhere here!

    Great write-up, and the kids at Mandrem (and their teachers!) really were excited with the books Andy and Claudia delivered. Most particularly they noticed the reference books, and in fact the science teacher you mentioned told me later that those books were going to make a real qualitative difference to her teaching, especially at Standard 10 level (Standard 10 qualifications are very important in India and equate in age to our GCSEs).

    A few days after, we made the long trek over the mountains to Sirsi in Karnataka to deliver the remainder of the books. That school is absolutely basic and very under-resourced so you can imagine the reaction when we pitched up with a veritable goldmine!

    We're back in the UK next week so we hope to get in touch with you directly, but in the meantime I would like to pass on the thanks of all the teachers and children you've all helped. Back to getting my own blog updated now!

    Love from Goa, Helen

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