Saturday 10 March 2012

Making books and the e-revolution

An interesting article today by Gaby Wood about the excellent Slightly Foxed.  Amongst other things, they now publish books: real books, printed and bound and selling like hot cakes. The conversation continues...


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  2. As they attempt to comprehend how books will function in the digital age, readers are understandably perplexed. They intuitively understand that the printed book will someday become obsolete, at least for many of the applications it has now, due to the unstoppable advancement of technology. In fact, science fiction has always used the deletion or suppression of the book (often as a shorthand for concepts or history), and even essentially apolitical movies like the original Star Trek movies accidentally praised printed books as delightfully antiquated collectibles. These representations have permeated society, creating the perception that technology will ultimately replace written works. See some video game rating about toca life world before getting it.