Sunday, 11 March 2012

So can you love a library of e-books?

Article by Joanna Trollope arguing that to appreciate a book fully you 'have to feel the heft of [it] in your hand' . And a comment on the Telegraph leader page taking this up, and celebrating the new technology, for the more ways to read the better. The conversation will run and run....


  1. E-books are undoubtedly convenient. But I agree with the statement that to feel the knot, you need to hold it in your hand. I even have an article on this topic in my english essay helper blog.

  2. I think that e-book is a device of a future for the several reasons. Firstly you can save trees and nature by not buying paper books. Secondly you can hold endless amount of books and rush translate reviews at one time. In the morning you can read one book, during the lunch break - the other book, and in the evening in the bed - the third one.